tim northern
Following humorist Tim Northern's appearance as a finalist on the nationally televised ``Star Search,`` Naomi Judd raved about his performance. ``He's the only one that could be a member of Mensa,`` she said. ``I absolutely adore the cerebral humor.`` Noted intellectual (and former game show host) Ben Stein agreed with her assessment, adding his own accolade, ``I love the fact that he assumes his audience has a brain!``
Coming from an Ivy League presidential pundit, that's high praise indeed for someone who never set foot in college. ``It was a great moment,`` Tim says. And it's exactly the response he's hoping for each and every time he takes the stage. A Nashville native whose influences are a veritable Who's Who of comic genius. ``George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Steven Wright—I like all of 'em.`` Once Tim takes control of the mike, he relies on much the same type of material that those classic comedians used to land in the national spotlight—plain and simple, Tim Northern is a word man. Tim continually hones that smart humor o his, seeking and finding new turns of phrase on a daily basis. On the road for much of the year, he uses that travel time for wordplay whenever possible. Like any humorist, sometime this absurdity of what Tim's saying tickles his own funny bone. ``There are times when I laugh just because it's so silly,`` he says.
jeff copeland
One of the many great things about magic is how it works in just about any environment. It is a tool that breaks down barriers of communication, overcomes cultural differences, and creates instant connections between all the spectators in the crowd when they are all overcome with the same emotional response of laughter and astonishment. In the banquet setting, magic comes alive right before your very eyes—often taking place in your very own hands. For banquets and parties, Jeff strolls among the tables or groups of people, mingling with guests, and performing close-up, slight-of-hand magic. And, don't forget about the children. When bringing in a performer for a children's show, you want someone who can entertain and hold the attention of the kids as well as the adults!
david graham
National standup comedian, David Graham, has worked with stars like Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, and Sinbad. He has appeared in the movies ``Apacalyse`` and ``Beauty Queen``. David's 1992 stage debut was a reluctant ``open mike`` appearance on the ABC-TC series ``American's Funniest People,`` and later on Comedy Central's ``Comic Justice.`` He is currently touring coast-to-coast and has appeared on BET's Comic Review for several seasons. David also appears on ``The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.`` He's an act not to be missed!
joel meyers
Joel Meyers, an innovative inspirational illusionist took the world by storm when he was only 24 years old. He performs a progressive brand of magic for celebrities and audiences of all types and ages worldwide. Newsweek magazine says, Joel quite simple ``will capture your imagination.`` That's no wonder, because his intriguing blend of masterful stage presence and striking good looks makes Joel a performer you can't take your eye off of. Joel's varied and impressive resume includes everything from star performances off Broadway and numerous Insurance and Fortune 500 companies' private parties, and corporate shows, to appearances at five-star restaurants, countless charity events and fundraisers, universities, numerous celebrities and even a recent world tour. Joel's uncanny sense of what entertainment is perfect for any audience in any setting. As does his combination of magic and stagecraft that is not only creative but unequaled within the performing arts. Few embody the incredible technical savvy with showmanship, physical skills and charisma as he does. Always working toward the inspirational idea that nothing is impossible, he has an amazing way of taking his audiences with him on his magical excursions and he is only beginning his quest.